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but pls dean is such a cuddler and when it’s really cold he’ll just come into cas’s room, get into bed and crawl under the blanket and nuzzle into cas’s neck and cas will grumble because dean’s nose is cold but he’d shift closer against him anyways and they’d fall asleep cuddled up like that


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HE LIIIIIIIIVES (if only for bowie references) [x]

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N°96 in the series “wild spam of random caps” - SN: 09x18


N°96 in the series “wild spam of random caps” - SN: 09x18

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osric’s still not over it


osric’s still not over it

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Misha and Jensen looking at Jensen’s old resume


the many costumes of cas

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yes hello i want to talk about this


yes hello i want to talk about this

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7x17 | 8x08 | 9x06

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"Vampiric Stockholm Syndrome" Dr Silverfish reviews “Alex, Annie, Alexis, Ann” (Spoilers for SPN 9x19) 


Berens’ third episode for Supernatural, after “Heaven Can’t Wait” and “Captives”, brought us a dark psychodrama about grief and what it does to you and the people around you, when you bury it deep, let it fester and can’t move on. 

Owing much to the horror genre, the episode played with the hearts of Jody Mills fans, offering us suspense scene after suspense scene in which Jody, alone in a cabin in the woods, nearly got slaughtered by the killers. But Sheriff Mills was the “final girl”, just like Jaime Lee Curtis in Halloween (1978). She survived, and more than that, she found the psycho-dramatic key to freedom for herself and Alex…

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based on this post - x

The name has been on his wrist since he was born, standing out against tanned skin as a reminder. Every now and then, it tickles, itches, and makes Dean squirm. It is a reminder. He has never wanted a soulmate. Dean would much rather keep the one-night-stands going with girls who cover up the names on their wrists with makeup or bracelets. Every so often, Dean manages to get a glimpse.




The name on Dean’s wrist is unlike any of the others he has seen before. It is like something out of the Bible. Castiel. It is undeniably strange, a name that Dean has never heard before. Out of all the girls he had to get stuck with, he is stuck with the one with a freaky name. He wouldn’t be surprised if the chick got bullied for it as a kid. Of course, there was nothing to say he would ever meet this girl. Hell, even if he met her, nothing could make him marry her.

 The name on his Mom’s wrist was not John. In fact, Dean never found out what it really was. All she had told him on his sixteenth birthday was that she had not married her soulmate. Her ‘soulmate’ had been a homophobic dick who Mary could not bring herself to marry, even date. In the back of Dean’s mind, his subconscious hopes that Castiel would be the same. Not because he doesn’t want to find someone he connected with, but because commitment has always terrified him. Marriage is not something he ever wants.

Fuck, Dean’s little brother had found his soulmate in his first year of college. Jessica Moore. Dean has always seen her as a bright ray of sunshine, with her huge smile and wide eyes. She has always been undoubtedly beautiful, and Dean often wonders how Sam managed to get so fucking lucky.

Seeing how close they are makes Dean vaguely wish that Castiel would just hurry up and stumble into his life, already. But when he leaves Sam to go back home, the thoughts disappear from his mind. He doesn’t need anyone but himself.

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Always reblog old school destiel.


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