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Basics: Sarah, 20, California, Psychology and English Major. Destiel, (Cockles, Gallavich, Nagron, Janto, Klaroline, Delena, Sterek, Teen Wolf, Hannibal, Free, Torchwood) Basically a little bit of everything but mostly Supernatural. I have not ventured into the world of gif-making so assume any gifs are not mine and I take no credit for them :)
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There are many reasons why i wanted to come back. Obviously i have a lot of family that live both in Dallas and around Texas. My wife grew up in Southern Louisiana. She has actually a lot of family..her dad is from Dallas, she’s visiting her side of the family today actually. So, there’s a lot of family and we wanted to be closer to that. And, including him (Jared), i have three of my groomsmen who live in Austin so i instantly got the social network there that i didn’t really had living in California. You know, the kind of friends that i grew up with and i wanted to get back to that. And i wanted to raise my kid in that environment.

Jensen Ackles on why he moved his family to Austin [x]

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  • Dean is “cured” by the end of 10x03 “Soul Survivor. NOTE the quotes. Demon!Dean might not be around but the MOC remains and it continues to be a serious issue.
  • Does Sam cure Dean? Sam is heavily involved in curing Dean.
  • Episode 10x04Paper Moon" begins with Sam and Dean drinking beers by the water. Seems like things are good between them. NOTE: this appears to be the episode they were filming when Jared did the ice bucket challenge.
  • Cole appears in eps 10x01 ”Black" and 10x02 Reichenbach”. He apparently captures Sam sometime in 10x01 (probably the end of the ep) and their scenes continue in ep 10x02.
  • Rumor has it, Hannah will probably use her grace to save Castiel Hannah’s vessel will return to her husband so it seems she willingly cuts out her grace to heal Cas. What’s more, the name Hannah" meansgrace”.
  • There will be no Becky in the 200th episode and no love triangles. Jensen and Jared do not sing in it, Most of the roles in the play based on Chuck’s books are mostly played by girls, even Sam and Dean (you can see their names on imdb).

NOW. Take all this with a grain of salt BUT this info comes from a source that is pretty legit. Personally, I have to say all the spoilers I ever read coming from this source ( an LJ site ) were legit. 

to send or not to send

to send or not to send


Supernatural Infographic: Breaking Down Sam and Dean’s Many, Many Deaths [X]

i finally remembered what this reminded me of

the overly dramatic declarations on teen wolf

Jared this should not be your goal

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Someone brought a misha standup to the book signing yesterday.


Someone brought a misha standup to the book signing yesterday.

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confused dad jensen is my favorite


confused dad jensen is my favorite



i have more love for castiel than i do for anything else on god’s green earth



sometimes I wonder how differently the ending of 9.22 would’ve gone if dean didn’t have the mark. 

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 You play the hero but underneath the hype you’re a killer, with oceans of blood on your hands. I hate men like you.

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that’s the face of a man who’s questioning every gay stereotype he’s ever been told and realizing two rugged hunters can fall in love


do you mean the neon Texan Star beer sign being the blue/purple/pink of the bisexual flag?

coincidently, that’s the brand of beer Dean and Cas are drinking

and the brand that the bartender has to sign for before the cupid hooks him up with his true love

it’s also the brand delivered to the gas station in Heaven Can’t Wait 9.06 that Cas had to sign for while talking to Dean

and they were even positioned the same as the bartender and his soon to be bf

one behind the counter working, the other in front of the counter like a customer

but I’m sure people will say I’m reading too much into this

as predicted people are saying the beer was only used because they didn’t want to make a new prop

check out all the boxes in the store room, I wonder why they didn’t use one of those for the delivery

peanuts, yummy, and they’re in a generic brown box perfect for deliveries

this guy is delivering newspapers and Cas didn’t have to sign for them

Sacrifice 8.23 has two guys, one working and the other a customer, that are interrupted by a Texan Star beer delivery that needs to be signed for

Heaven Can’t Wait 9.06 has two guys, one working and the other a customer, that are interrupted by a Texan Star beer delivery that needs to be signed for

that’s a parallel 

It is a parallel, a sub-textual blink-and-you’ll-miss-it knowing wink parallel.

I just envisage a giant eternal wrestling match in the SPN writers’/ directors’ room these days, between Team Destiel and Team Dudebro. 

It’s the same episode as the “Big O” slushie spill. I think Team Destiel won this round. :)

OH yeah, to quote a Frog of my acquaintance.

And a lot of it is coming from the editors and the composer and the set design, stuff that isn’t necessarily in the scripts.

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