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Basics: Sarah, 20, California, Psychology and English Major. Destiel, (Cockles, Gallavich, Nagron, Janto, Klaroline, Delena, Sterek, Teen Wolf, Hannibal, Free, Torchwood) Basically a little bit of everything but mostly Supernatural. I have not ventured into the world of gif-making so assume any gifs are not mine and I take no credit for them :) Source for gif abve is dontfeareaper. Isn't that frickin cool? I don't care if it's too wide its amazing. boom. cropped. I'm a modern artist. look at that....still not mine
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8x17 Sneek Peek - Sam Though

Sam’s mind: Yeah no shit Dean jesus you are so full of crap…don’t say anything Sam, keep your mouth closed, stay out of their relationship…

Sam’s Mind: Stay strong Sam. Keep those lips closed. Don’t fucking go there when Cas’ in the next room. He can probably hear us. Fuck- I can’t do this- I-

Sam’s mind: Jesus that felt good- shit fuck balls this is gonna get me punched isn’t it. Fuck I should have waited til we were alone this is so not  the “you’re in love with him that’s why” conversation

this gif speaks for itself. and it says you know why.

Sam’s Mind: hehehehe my plan is working perfectly